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    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in bringing this very unusual case to a conclusion. Your calm confidence and resolute refusal to be bullied by Plaintiff’s counsel was evident and it helped me through a difficult period. Thank you again and I shall consider you a friend always.

    Robert L.

    Rebecca successfully guided me though an emotional and often times contentious divorce. She provided excellent advice and balance when issues surfaced in negotiations. She was available for me at all hours of the day and night and responded promptly to meet requirements. She is an exceptionally capable and professional attorney who has the ability to “sift through the noise” and provide good advice and recommendations during a painful process. I recommend her highly.

    Al N.

    When I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, Jamie Wombacher fought hard to have the charges dismissed. I am grateful for her dedication to my case and her belief in me.

    Josh P.

    Unfairly charged with a felony, I was frightened and confused. Jamie Wombacher and Rebecca Lee fought tirelessly on my behalf and I was found not guilty of the felony. I couldn’t be more appreciative.

    David M.

    I was overwhelmed after being let go from my job and then my employer contested my unemployment claim. Rebecca Lee assisted me with the confusing IDES appeal process and advocated for me in the hearing, helping to secure my unemployment benefits.

    Lisa N.

    Rebecca and this firm gets things done professionally and you will see great results!

    David R.

    Divorce and Family Lawyer in Illinois Willing to Fight Common Disputes for You

    The nature of modern divorce is often quite intense and may lead to a large number of conflicts and fights that could cause property and ownership disputes that may be very hard to overcome. In this scenario, you likely need to work with a divorce and family lawyer in Illinois who can fully understand the different elements of this process. By contacting a professional of this type, you can ensure that you get the best experience possible and get the results that you want and deserve for your divorce needs.

    Property Disputes

    One of the most common problems you’re going to find in a divorce is a conflict between property owners. This problem is quite complex and almost always requires a divorce and family lawyer in Illinois to handle. These professionals can help you understand the different aspects of these disputes and provide the kind of high-quality help that is needed to avoid long-term complications with your property.

    For example, your name is on a piece of property but your partner wants to claim partial ownership. The struggle here is that you split things as a married couple. So even if you paid for everything in a home, there’s a good chance that you may have to at least compensate your partner if you want to own it fully. This situation is often a very challenging one and is usually fought very heavily by the partner who wants these items.

    Other problems that you may run into include if you inherited the property from your family and you want to keep it in your name. Your partner likely wants some compensation for their implied partial ownership, a problem that can be very troubling to overcome. Make sure that you pay attention to these facets as much as possible to ensure that you don’t run into a scenario that is hard to manage.

    Cheating Problems

    Sadly, a large number of individuals in marriages end up cheating on each other for one reason or another. This scenario is so common because people are now so open to having flexible relationships that allow for such extramarital sexual contact. However, emotions often have a way of taking over in a way that a divorce and family lawyer in Illinois could help you manage properly.

    For instance, if you were cheated on by your partner and want a divorce, you can use their cheating as an example of a type of abandonment. Though your partner may still live with you while they cheat on you, you could argue emotional abandonment in many courts. This argument has become more persistent in recent years and can be a powerful way of ensuring that you win your case. You can also use cheating as evidence in custody battles and other elements of your divorce situation.

    And while cheating is still considered a pretty big break of trust and something that can turn a divorce case a person’s way, many courts are now accepting it as a less devastating problem than they did in the past. By working with a lawyer on this case, you can create a compelling scenario that proves the dangers of the cheating situation and how they impacted your relationship adversely.

    Pet Ownership

    Though it may seem silly to people who do not own pets, many couples need a divorce and family lawyer in Illinois to understand their pet ownership situation. People who love their animals are often just as attached to them as they are to their children. And they may fight heavily over ownership, with one person trying to get full ownership or custody in a way that can be quite frustrating and upsetting.

    Now, pet ownership is not something that a court treats with the same seriousness as they do child custody. They think of a pet as a piece of property, not as a child, and will demand that one person owns the pet. They may ask for compensation from the other partner but will usually take a very hands-off approach, granting ownership to whoever wants it. If ownership is in dispute, the lawyers for each side can argue it out.

    So while courts won’t break up pet ownership as they would child custody, they do encourage people to find a solution among themselves. For example, one person may own a dog but let their partner visit or take the dog for a few days every week. Working with a lawyer can help to figure out this situation and create a pattern that makes sense for people and which isn’t too challenging to fully understand.

    Custody Concerns

    Just as importantly, it is critical to talk to a divorce and family lawyer in Illinois when you experience any problems with custody. Families often find a split setup that makes sense and which decreases the severity of these disputes. Unfortunately, there are also many cases in which these disputes become very intense and cause a lot of suffering in a person’s life that may seem impossible to overcome elsewhere.

    For instance, you may want full custody of your child with visitation rights being limited to your partner. However, you’ll need to prove that your partner should only have limited rights by displaying negative or dangerous attitudes and behaviors. This problem has become more complex in recent years because modern courts aren’t quite as automatic in their support of the mother, causing some issues that many fathers may try to use to their advantage.

    By working with a high-quality lawyer on these problems, you can sort through these conflicts and create a high-quality plan that works for your needs. Just make sure that you fully understand the nature of your custody situation and know where you draw the line. Doing so can help to ensure that you don’t get bulldozed by your partner into an unacceptable situation for you and your children.

    Don’t Neglect Expert Help

    Do you need a divorce and family lawyer in Illinois that you can trust to handle this situation? Do you live in McHenry County, Illinois, and want someone who can help you get the property and ownership that you deserve? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of Lee & Wombacher and learn more about settling these disputes. Our professionals will do what is necessary to ensure that you are satisfied with your legal outcome.

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