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    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in bringing this very unusual case to a conclusion. Your calm confidence and resolute refusal to be bullied by Plaintiff’s counsel was evident and it helped me through a difficult period. Thank you again and I shall consider you a friend always.

    Robert L.

    Rebecca successfully guided me though an emotional and often times contentious divorce. She provided excellent advice and balance when issues surfaced in negotiations. She was available for me at all hours of the day and night and responded promptly to meet requirements. She is an exceptionally capable and professional attorney who has the ability to “sift through the noise” and provide good advice and recommendations during a painful process. I recommend her highly.

    Al N.

    When I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, Jamie Wombacher fought hard to have the charges dismissed. I am grateful for her dedication to my case and her belief in me.

    Josh P.

    Unfairly charged with a felony, I was frightened and confused. Jamie Wombacher and Rebecca Lee fought tirelessly on my behalf and I was found not guilty of the felony. I couldn’t be more appreciative.

    David M.

    I was overwhelmed after being let go from my job and then my employer contested my unemployment claim. Rebecca Lee assisted me with the confusing IDES appeal process and advocated for me in the hearing, helping to secure my unemployment benefits.

    Lisa N.

    Rebecca and this firm gets things done professionally and you will see great results!

    David R.

    How a Woodstock Family Divorce Lawyer Can Help Save Your Home

    In some marriages, divorce seems inevitable right from the start. Others may last for decades before the issue is brought up. Unfortunately, the long-lasting scenario often means that a couple has bought a house together before splitting up. Only one side can end up keeping the place, though a split sale may help to give both partners some compensation.

    If your former partner is fighting your claim to a house in the area of Woodstock, Illinois, you need a family divorce lawyer who you can trust. Quality legal representation can ensure that you don’t get bulldozed out of your own place. Here’s a couple of key items you’ll need to keep in mind in this scenario.

    Show You Deserve the Home

    Working with a good Woodstock family divorce lawyer can help improve your chances of keeping the house by showing that you have a greater need. Though the law may dictate that you need to provide financial compensation to your ex-partner, you may be able to get the house granted to you rather than them if you try to prove a handful of the following points:

    • Illustrate a Need – If you are in a tough situation in which you are struggling financially due to the divorce, a court may grant you the home and compensate your partner for the difference.
    • Highlight the Children – When raising children in a stable home, many courts like to keep them in their initial home to ensure that they feel comfortable and don’t struggle in a divorce.
    • Financial Investment – Try to show that you put more money into the home or that you have a stronger connection to it and you may be granted primary ownership of the house.
    • Partner Acceptance – Talk with your lawyer and your partner to get their approval of this situation. Sometimes, partners just want to separate and will give up a house if they get compensated for it.

    Courts will very rarely give a house to one partner without demanding fair compensation to the other. But if you get into a fight over house ownership with your partner, a good lawyer can help to prove these points, get your partner in order on them, and help to steer you towards a reasonable compensation package that gets you your home and your partner the money that they deserve for it.

    Create a Fair Distribution of Property

    If you want your home and your partner is willing to part with it, you still need to make sure that you fairly distribute your property. There’s far too many potential complications and conflicts that could happen here if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, your lawyers can get together to streamline this process and ensure that you can smoothly and efficiently:

    • Create a Valuation Plan – You, your lawyer, and your partner’s team can work with the court to create a high-quality valuation plan that takes into account everyone’s needs as much as possible.
    • Understand Different Distribution Laws – Your state may vary in the ways that it distributes property, and your lawyer can help you understand the different techniques that may be utilized.
    • Create an Auction – In cases when property must be distributed equally between you and a partner, an auction can help to liquidate these funds and provide equal compensation.
    • Execute Distribution Properly – You need to make sure that your lawyer and you work together to properly distribute the property that you and your partner are attempting to distribute.

    These simple steps may not seem like that big of a deal on the surface. However, they can be a major problem if you don’t take them seriously and do what you can to ensure that they are easy to understand. By taking these factors into account and doing what you can to help yourself and your partner, you improve your chances of a streamlined divorce with a Woodstock family divorce lawyer.

    Get the Most of Your Legal Reps

    If you are still on the fence about a Woodstock family divorce lawyer and think you can do without one, it is important to know just how these experts can help you beyond saving your home. They provide a surprising array of benefits that make them essential for just about any divorce situation. Just a few scenarios in which you may find these professionals beneficial for your needs include:

    • Child Custody Cases – If you and your spouse are fighting about who deserves the kids, it may be time to find a professional who can sort through this confusion for you with relative ease.
    • Financial Disputes – Do you feel like you deserve something that your partner is attempting to claim is theirs? Then hire a professional who can help you better understand your rights in this case.
    • Domestic Violence Claims – If you are struggling to handle the difficulties of a domestic violence situation, it is necessary to get a high-quality professional who can help you stand out.
    • Cheating Situations – Partners who cheat often end up trying to manipulate a divorce by hiding this fact, which is why a good family divorce lawyer is so essential for those who want to keep themselves safe.

    Just as importantly, a good family divorce attorney helps to make sure that you aren’t being used by your partner in any of these situations. Too often, it is very easy to roll over for your partner simply because you don’t want to deal with a difficult divorce. Thankfully, an attorney can help to ensure that you don’t experience any long-lasting adverse financial effects or emotional struggles as well.

    Let Us Help You

    Working with a Woodstock family divorce lawyer can help you avoid a whole lot of hassle. Legal experts will do what is necessary to help you obtain the best outcome possible, decreasing your risk of long-term financial stress.

    So if you live in McHenry County, Illinois, and need legal representation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of Lee & Wombacher. Our experts will do all that they can to help you make your case in court. Most importantly, when you work with us, the legal aid you get is provided by professionals who genuinely care about their clients as individuals.

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