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    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in bringing this very unusual case to a conclusion. Your calm confidence and resolute refusal to be bullied by Plaintiff’s counsel was evident and it helped me through a difficult period. Thank you again and I shall consider you a friend always.

    Robert L.

    Rebecca successfully guided me though an emotional and often times contentious divorce. She provided excellent advice and balance when issues surfaced in negotiations. She was available for me at all hours of the day and night and responded promptly to meet requirements. She is an exceptionally capable and professional attorney who has the ability to “sift through the noise” and provide good advice and recommendations during a painful process. I recommend her highly.

    Al N.

    When I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, Jamie Wombacher fought hard to have the charges dismissed. I am grateful for her dedication to my case and her belief in me.

    Josh P.

    Unfairly charged with a felony, I was frightened and confused. Jamie Wombacher and Rebecca Lee fought tirelessly on my behalf and I was found not guilty of the felony. I couldn’t be more appreciative.

    David M.

    I was overwhelmed after being let go from my job and then my employer contested my unemployment claim. Rebecca Lee assisted me with the confusing IDES appeal process and advocated for me in the hearing, helping to secure my unemployment benefits.

    Lisa N.

    Rebecca and this firm gets things done professionally and you will see great results!

    David R.

    How Attorneys for Family Law in Woodstock, Illinois, Manage Abuse Cases

    Child abuse cases are never easy to cope with. If dealing with such a scenario in Woodstock, Illinois, contacting attorneys for family law can help you sort through your options. To help you understand available legal remedies, qualified experts are necessary. The priority should always be helping the child escape the abusive environment, facilitating instead a healing and healthy scenario for the rest of their lives.

    Protecting a Child From Physical Abuse

    Although the worst abuse is often emotional and psychological, physical abuse can also be a challenging prospect. Often, children in this situation experience broken bones and serious physical problems as a result of regular abuse. Upsetting to many, this type of abuse can cause emotional troubles that may require attorneys for family law to properly manage and assess.

    For instance, a good family lawyer can prove that family members are committing abuse on a child, and get victims removed temporarily or permanently from an abuser’s custody. Eyewitness testimony or sworn affidavits from medical professionals can be of immense help here, which is why it’s vital to collect as much evidence as possible when pursuing this type of case.

    Physical abuse can also come from outside of a family circle, complicating the issue. By talking to a family lawyer about these issues, you can sort through them with relative ease and create a haven for a child that will ensure simply that they don’t have to worry about getting hurt anymore.

    Helping a Child Combat Emotional Abuse

    Although physical abuse often creates the most obvious impact on a child’s life when it occurs, emotional abuse is often more insidious and long-lasting. The best attorneys for family law in Woodstock Illinois know that this type of abuse is often something that takes place over a long period and is a factor that can affect a child for years to come and make them feel unhappy and unhealthy.

    For instance, a father who calls a child “stupid” is committing emotional abuse by making their child feel inadequate and weak. Children look up to their parents as essentially gods when they are young, and this type of abuse often lingers in a child’s mind for years. Repeated abuse of this type can only reinforce a child’s struggles and make it more difficult for them to overcome these belief systems.

    By breaking this pattern of abuse with a child or family lawyer, a family can remove them from the problematic environment that impacts their development. These changes are critical because children need strong and emotionally supporting environments in which to grow. Doing so helps to enhance their emotional strength and make them better and happier people as a result.

    Understand Neglect on a Deeper Level

    Neglect is a somewhat complex series of behaviors or lack of behaviors that good attorneys for family law in Woodstock Illinois can help you better understand to ensure that you or others are not treating your child neglectfully. If you fully understand the nature of neglect in this way, you can ensure that your child doesn’t suffer and that you get the high-quality legal help needed to keep them safe.

    For example, your child has the right to a healthy diet that helps to meet their nutritional demands. However, parents who do not provide healthy foods or who restrict their child’s diet in an unhealthy manner are being neglectful of their needs. And parents who do not take care of their child, such as taking them to a doctor when necessary or changing their diaper when it’s dirty are also neglectful.

    Neglect can also be more complex and subtle than denying a child a proper range of healthcare treatments or access to food. For example, a child who gets screamed at by their parents regularly is being neglected because you are damaging their emotions without taking into account how this affects them. That said, neglect is usually considered more concretely in most court systems.

    Removing a Child From an Abusive Environment

    The worst situation that a parent can experience with their child is when they are exposed to sexual abuse. Yes, physical and emotional scars from abuse are very problematic, but sexual contact at a young age can devastate a child’s mind and make them very troubled for years to come. In this situation, attorneys for family law in Woodstock Illinois can help figure out what is happening.

    For example, they can help prove to the court that one or more of a child’s parents are either committing this abuse or allowing it to happen. Even if parents don’t abuse the child themselves, willingly allowing a friend or another family member to abuse the child is considered sexual abuse in the eyes of the court. And proving this fact will get the child removed from this dangerous situation.

    This scenario can also be used by the parents if they find that anyone in a child’s life is sexually abusing them. For example, if they have a cousin who is abusing the child when they are alone and playing together, a family attorney can help by figuring out the best way to remove a child from this situation. Often, lawsuits and other types of compensation may be necessary for those fighting these cases.

    Help Is Available

    Most parents will struggle to accept that abuse can happen to their child and, when it does, they may need attorneys for family law in Woodstock Illinois who can help them manage this situation. Good lawyers can not only help to figure out where this abuse has started, but also find an efficient way to end it. So if you are located in or near McHenry County, Illinois, and need help with this type of case, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of Lee & Wombacher. Our professionals are ready to help in any way possible.

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