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    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in bringing this very unusual case to a conclusion. Your calm confidence and resolute refusal to be bullied by Plaintiff’s counsel was evident and it helped me through a difficult period. Thank you again and I shall consider you a friend always.

    Robert L.

    Rebecca successfully guided me though an emotional and often times contentious divorce. She provided excellent advice and balance when issues surfaced in negotiations. She was available for me at all hours of the day and night and responded promptly to meet requirements. She is an exceptionally capable and professional attorney who has the ability to “sift through the noise” and provide good advice and recommendations during a painful process. I recommend her highly.

    Al N.

    When I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, Jamie Wombacher fought hard to have the charges dismissed. I am grateful for her dedication to my case and her belief in me.

    Josh P.

    Unfairly charged with a felony, I was frightened and confused. Jamie Wombacher and Rebecca Lee fought tirelessly on my behalf and I was found not guilty of the felony. I couldn’t be more appreciative.

    David M.

    I was overwhelmed after being let go from my job and then my employer contested my unemployment claim. Rebecca Lee assisted me with the confusing IDES appeal process and advocated for me in the hearing, helping to secure my unemployment benefits.

    Lisa N.

    Rebecca and this firm gets things done professionally and you will see great results!

    David R.

    How to Pick the Right Divorce Lawyer in Woodstock, Illinois

    Breaking up a marriage is often a tough process and may require a lot of soul-searching. You will likely need a high-quality attorney who can help you fully understand your rights. However, there are so many in the market right now that searching for the best option for your needs may feel like wading through shark-infested waters.

    Thankfully, the best divorce lawyer Woodstock Illinois has to offer can provide the help needed to get through this process. However, we know that it can be challenging to find someone who has your best needs in mind and with whom you get along. That’s why we’ve created this list of steps that you can take to find a divorce lawyer who satisfies your every need as an individual.

    Know What You Want – And What You Can Get

    A good divorce should be a pain-free legal process that a good divorce lawyer Woodstock Illinois can trust can help you manage with minimal difficulty. However, many people likely want a lawyer to whom they can discuss their problems and vent about their marriage. They may even want their attorney to do what they can to punish their partner and make their life miserable and unhappy.

    Impulses like these are not uncommon after a divorce, particularly a very stressful one. That said, they are not healthy impulses and should be avoided as much as possible. Simply put, a good lawyer won’t set out to hurt another party, even if they are against them in a legal fight. Instead, they want to do what is right for your needs and help create a reasonable and fair distribution of property that makes a divorce beneficial.

    Though your lawyer may nod when you try to vent and even empathize with you, that is not their goal. If you find someone who claims that they can help you hurt your ex or who is willing to go “dirty” to help you, stay away from them. There’s a good chance that individuals like these are rather unethical and that they may end up doing things that you won’t agree with later in the divorce scenario.

    Talk With a Few Lawyers

    When seeking out a divorce lawyer Woodstock Illinois trusts, it is important to understand a few different traits that help them stand out. Call up a few lawyers and meet with them to discuss your case. You don’t need to spend a lot of time with them to get a feeling for who they are as a person. Try to gauge different elements of their practice to get a feel for their usefulness, such as the aspects below:

    • Experience – Try to find a lawyer who has experience with your type of case to ensure that they know how to handle the unique scenarios that it may cause in your situation.
    • Specialty – Many lawyers have unique specialties (such as abusive divorces) that they can utilize to help make this situation easier and simpler to handle for your needs.
    • Pay Needs – Talk to lawyers who will provide you with many payment coverage options, such as taking on some of your divorce awards after the proceedings are finished.
    • Personality – Do you feel a connection with your lawyer as an individual? You don’t need to be friends but getting along and seeing eye-to-eye can help make this a better situation.
    • Reviews – Pay attention to online reviews regarding a lawyer, noting complaints and paying attention to whether or not they are reasonable or if they seem spiteful and off-base.

    Take these simple steps into account and you should have minimal difficulties narrowing down a few lawyers who meet your needs. Remember – these experts have your post-marriage life in their hands and need to be chosen with respect. By paying attention to these factors and doing what you can to get help, you will avoid the lingering issues that may occur if you don’t choose a lawyer with ease and grace.

    Understand What You Don’t Want

    Once you know what you want from a divorce lawyer, you also need to know what you should avoid. Many traits are not something a strong attorney should possess. Just a few things you should watch for include when your attorney:

    • Lacks Respect – An attorney who treats you or your case in a demeaning manner is likely someone who isn’t going to fight for you as much as possible in your case.
    • Name Drops – Does your lawyer talk a lot about people they’ve worked with in the past to impress you? This behavior is toxic and shows that they are mostly worried about appearances.
    • Becomes Easily Distracted in Meetings – The best divorce lawyer Woodstock Illinois has to offer should provide you with undivided attention and not get distracted by phone calls, texts, or emails during meetings.
    • Possesses an Agenda – Does your lawyer seem to take on your case to pursue a personal agenda? If so, you probably want to hire someone more focused on your needs and not theirs.

    The best divorce lawyer is someone who takes your case seriously and who treats it like a unique situation, no matter how many cases they’ve experienced. Any lawyer who acts like they’ve seen everything or is at all dismissive about the nature of your case is just not worth your time and is someone that is best for you and others to avoid – it is for the best that you take these steps.

    Help is Available

    As you can see, finding the best divorce lawyer Woodstock Illinois has to offer can give you the help necessary for managing this situation for you with minimal difficulty. Though you may still have a tough choice when it comes to finding someone who suits your needs, you shouldn’t have a problem once you find someone who feels up to your demanding requirements in a challenging divorce.

    So if you’re ready to get help and think we’re the right option for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of Lee & Wombacher to learn more about how we can help. We operate out of McHenry County, Illinois, and can provide you with the help that you need to keep your affairs in order. Our experts strive to provide the high-quality assistance necessary to avoid long-lasting financial troubles.

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